Tuna is our beloved bulldog.  Her dad is an English bulldog and her mother a French bulldog.  She was born on February 5th 2016.  We met her for the first time on Wednesday June 1st 2016.  It was love at first site! She was the sweetest puppy I have ever seen.  I was very impressed by the way she didn’t need a leash to walk from her car to our house.  She was very well trained and had such a sweet disposition.  Her breeder, Sarah, was very kind and allowed Tuna to visit with us for almost 3 hours that day.  We knew as soon as we met her, but even more so when she left our house that day, that we had to have her in our life.  At this point, we had a 26 month old son and 8 month old twins, but we didnt even hesitate.  We felt like Tuna would be the perfect addition to our growing family.  So on Friday June 3rd, Sarah delivered Tuna to us for good!  She is still the sweetest dog I have ever seen.  Everyone that has ever met her falls in love with her. We heae people say all the time, “I could take her home with me!”  She is so well mannered with the kids, and they can be pretty rough sometimes, but she never steps out of line.  Tuna is the dog we have been waiting for all our life and we are so happy that we are fortunate enough to have her be a part of our family.  She is a big part of our lives and the adventures that await us!